Impressions of Bangladesh

Tight fit, jam packed, jerky traffic, honking horns.
Stares, more stares, more and more stares.
Horizon … Horizon … Horizon
Tubes, pumping throbbing silt, intricate bamboo supports.
Never stopping, earth recycling, recycling everything.
Water. Stagnant, black, grey, green, moving, held, ponded, pulsing, rippling, still, as-far-as-the-eye-can-see, water hyacinth. Everywhere.
Incessant activity, hammering, making, breaking, remaking, loading, carrying, unloading.
Nibbling goats, amphibious children, darting, diving.
Islam, prayers, digital clocks.
Boats, flat bottomed, pointy, long, thin, wooden, fishing, ferry hulks..
Negotiating moving edges, up and down, back and forth.
Brown haze, horizon hanging, red sun ball setting, rising, setting.

Lindsay Bremner, November 2017.