Month: October 2016

Care Earth Trust

Care Earth Trust is a Chennai, India based Technical Non-Governmental Organization founded in the year 2000 with the mission of conserving biodiversity for human wellbeing, through research, advocacy and capacity building. Monsoon Assemblages will be assisted by The Care Earth Trust during their work in Chennai.

Cath Hassell on Calculating Monsoon Rain

On Thursday 29th September, Cath Hassell of ech2o Environmental Consultancy ran a fantastic  workshop for students in DS18 on urban rain water management and harvesting. This was framed by a discussion of water politics in Tamil Nadu and traditional ways of retaining rainwater in South India. Her presentation covered problems that arise from combined storm […]

Space, place and people: Monsoon Assemblages launches!

Monsoon Assemblages (MONASS) was officially launched on Tuesday evening at an event hosted by the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (FABE) at the University of Westminster. The launch was a joint celebration of two grant funded research projects: Monsoon Assemblages and Public Space and the Role of the Architect in London and Sao […]