Academic Exchange Seminar, University of Khulna

While on a field trip to Bangladesh in November 2017, Lindsay Bremner and students of Design Studio 18 (DS18) from the University of Westminster visited the Architecture Discipline at the University of Khulna where they participated in an academic exchange seminar. They were welcomed and introduced to staff and students by Professor Anirban Mostafa, Head of the Architecture Discipline. DS18 students then briefly presented the mapping and simulation work they had done on Bangladesh, followed by Dr. Afroza Parvin’s presentation on  ‘Water Resilient Urbanisation in a Tidally Active Delta: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities in Khulna.’ This was extremely informative and resonated with many of the issues the DS18 studio is addressing. Following this presentation, one of the students in the MSc Human Settlements at Khulna University gave an overview of their programme and the international studio in Bhutan currently underway. Shibu Bose, Assistant Professor at Khulna University then introduced us to the tour of Khulna that had been designed for us for the afternoon, and which followed the seminar. 


Thanks to the staff and students of Khulna University, in particular Dr. Afroza Parvin and Shibu Bose for the extremely warm welcome at the University and highly informative tour of Khulna.