Month: November 2016

Water Walkshop Chennai, 04-09 December 2016

Between 04 and 09 December 2016, the Monsoon Assemblages Team (Lindsay Bremner, Beth Cullen, Michele Vianello and PhD candidate Harshavardhan Bhat) will conduct a one week long ‘Water WalkShop’ at the School of Architecture and Planning at Anna University in Chennai. This will be attended by students from the School of Architecture and Planning  at […]

Conference on Peri-Urban Development: concept, emerging ideas & notions of sustainability

This conference on peri-urban dynamics at IIT Madras on 27-28 January 2017 examined a number of themes such as urbanisation, peri urban ecosystems, water and its uses, political frameworks and governance. Download the conference flyer for more details: igcs-conference-on-peri-urban-development. Lindsay Bremner and Beth Cullen presented a poster on Monsoon Assemblages at the conference.    

Monsoon Assembly Air

The South Asian monsoon is more than an annual atmospheric phenomenon. It is a principle that organises territory and seeps into almost every aspect of life on the Indian subcontinent – its politics, economics, infrastructure, food, sex, culture, religion and daily life. The ambition of  Monsoon Assemblages is to (i) develop an understanding of the […]

Monsoon Assemblages Seminar 02

Resilient Urban Edges: Adaptive and Mitigative Strategies in Chennai This blog entry is a summary of the presentation held during the 2nd Monsoon Assemblages seminar, written by the guest presenter Vaishali Enos. In the second Monsoon Assemblages seminar, I presented excerpts from my design-based dissertation for the Master of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design […]