Author: Michele Vianello

Monsoon Assemblages Seminar 03

Infrastructural urbanism: assembling the techno-political city | Niranjana Ramesh In the third Monsoon Assemblages seminar, Niranjana Ramesh, PhD candidate at the department of Geography of UCL, London, presented parts of her on-going research comparing desalination plants, and their underpinning policies, in Chennai, India, and London, UK. Of her thesis, titled “Techno-politics of urban water: the case […]

Monsoon Assemblages Seminar 02

Resilient Urban Edges: Adaptive and Mitigative Strategies in Chennai This blog entry is a summary of the presentation held during the 2nd Monsoon Assemblages seminar, written by the guest presenter Vaishali Enos. In the second Monsoon Assemblages seminar, I presented excerpts from my design-based dissertation for the Master of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design […]

Monsoon Assemblages Seminar 01

Imploding the Post-Disaster Information Vacuum: Crowd-sourcing a real-time flood map for Indonesia For the launch of our Monsoon Assemblages seminar series, on the 23rd of September, 2016, Dr. Tomas Holderness, research associate at MIT, Cambridge, MA, presented the PetaJakarta open source flood map, for Jakarta. The project is already in the course of its third year […]

Monsoon Assemblages Seminar Series

As part of the Monsoon Assemblages research project, the MONASS team are organising a series of public seminars. These seminars have been conceived with at least two objectives in mind. On one hand, the seminars will assist and inspire the research team in following and tracing the many rivulets of associations that flow through and […]