Author: Zahra Mohamed-Saleh

Monsoon [+Other] Waters Symposium Announcement

Monsoon [+Other] Waters is the second in a series of symposia convened by the Monsoon Assemblages project. It will comprise inter-disciplinary panels, key-note addresses and an exhibition. It will bring together established and young scholars and practitioners from a range of disciplines, knowledge systems and practices to engage in conversations about the ontologies, epistemologies, histories, politics, […]

Conference on Peri-Urban Development: concept, emerging ideas & notions of sustainability

This conference on peri-urban dynamics at IIT Madras on 27-28 January 2017 examined a number of themes such as urbanisation, peri urban ecosystems, water and its uses, political frameworks and governance. Download the conference flyer for more details: igcs-conference-on-peri-urban-development. Lindsay Bremner and Beth Cullen presented a poster on Monsoon Assemblages at the conference.