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Geohumanities Journal Special Monsoon Assemblages Forum Issue

We are thrilled to announce that Volume 7 No. 1 of the Taylor and Francis Journal Geohumanities: Place, Space and the Humanities includes a special Monsoon Assemblages Forum. It comprises contributions from the Monsoon Assemblages researchers and others,  all of which were developed from presentations first made at one of the symposia we hosted between 2017 and 2019 (see the outputs page of this website for the proceedings of these symposia).

Geohumanities Volume 7 no. 1 comprises:

Lindsay Bremner,  Introduction: Thinking with the Monsoon,

Harshavardhan Bhat, Becoming the Monsoon Forest – Emergence in the Breakdown of Categories.

Lindsay Bremner, Sedimentary Ways.

Jonathan Cane, Concrete Oceans: The Dolos, Apartheid Negineering and the Intertidal Zone. Christina Leigh Geros, Drinking the Winds: Monsoon as atmospheric Spring.

Anthony Powis. The Relational Materiality of Groundwater.

Stine Simonsen Puri, Gambling on the Monsoon in the India Desert.

Alexandra Arenes, Inside the Critical Zone.

Beth Cullen, Intuiting a Monsoonal Ethnography in Three Bay of Bengal Cities.

Laura Denning, Ecotone as Methodology.

Eric Guibert, On the Usefulness of Modern Animism: Co-Creating Architecture with Soils as Ontopolitical practice.

These are all available online here: