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Monsoon [+ other] Airs: Videos available!

Videos of the Monsoon [+ other] Airs symposium are now available to view for those who could not attend the event, see below. You can also find them on the MONASS YouTube channel. Please share! A symposium publication with papers by the speakers will be available later this year. Key Note Sean Lally, Weathers: ‘Night White Skies’ […]

Monsoon [+ other] Airs: a multidisciplinary gathering

Air: an invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, a mixture mainly of oxygen and nitrogen, necessary for breathing Monsoon [+ other] Airs is the first of three annual symposia convened by Monsoon Assemblages. Each of the symposiums will be structured around one of the monsoon’s material elements: Monsoon Airs, Monsoon Waters and Monsoon Grounds. This […]

Monsoon [+ other] Airs

The Monsoon [+ other] Airs Assembly is the first of three annual symposia convened by Monsoon Assemblages. This year’s assembly will interrogate questions of monsoon atmospheres, politics and media. The event includes an evening keynote lecture (Thursday 20th April) followed by a one-day long symposium (Friday 21st April). It will be accompanied by an exhibition […]

Monsoon Assembly Air

The South Asian monsoon is more than an annual atmospheric phenomenon. It is a principle that organises territory and seeps into almost every aspect of life on the Indian subcontinent – its politics, economics, infrastructure, food, sex, culture, religion and daily life. The ambition of  Monsoon Assemblages is to (i) develop an understanding of the […]