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Monsoon [+ other] Airs Proceedings published

Monsoon Assemblages is pleased to announce the publication of its first symposium proceedings, Monsoon [+ other Airs], edited by Lindsay Bremner and Georgia Trower. It includes texts by Andrew Turner, Victoria Watson, Hanna Swee, Anasuya Basu, J. Pradeep John, Kali Stull and Etienne Turpin, Harshavardhan Bhat, Sean Lally, Keerthana Muralidharan and Simon Joss and graphic […]

Monsoon [+ other] Airs: a multidisciplinary gathering

Air: an invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, a mixture mainly of oxygen and nitrogen, necessary for breathing Monsoon [+ other] Airs is the first of three annual symposia convened by Monsoon Assemblages. Each of the symposiums will be structured around one of the monsoon’s material elements: Monsoon Airs, Monsoon Waters and Monsoon Grounds. This […]